Pindara Private Hospital
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Rehabilitation at Pindara Private Hosptial

Rehabilitation at Pindara Private Hosptial

Rehabilitation programs for Pindara patients will now be undertaken in the brand new purpose built Southport Private Hospital.

This state-of-the-art rehabilitation unit offers the very best in rehabilitation facilities including fully equipped large open gym with heated indoor hydrotherapy pool and is managed by a multidisciplinary team of experienced health professionals.

The Southport Private Hospital has been specifically designed to provide rehabilitation patients with the best care and experience possible, taking a wellness approach as opposed to an illness approach to patient care. The facility also boasts a hair and beauty salon, café style dining providing nutritionally balanced meals made from locally sourced ingredients and relaxing courtyard.

Should you be required to undertake a rehabilitation program after surgery or for any other reason, your treating physician will refer you to The Southport Private Hospital and transfer arrangements will be made.

For further information about the rehabilitation programs offered, facilities and The Southport Private Hospital itself please visit the Southport Private Hospital website or PH: 07 5671 8000.

Patients requiring simple rehabilitation assistance, such as post-birth instruction and advice from an allied health staff member will still receive this while a patient at Pindara Private Hospital.