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Back conditions are one of Australia’s leading causes of ongoing disability and poor health. That’s why our doctors are involved in an ongoing, international study aimed at achieving the outcomes you need, as well as making continuous improvements to practice. If your doctor believes you need surgery to resolve this problem, you’re in the best hands, at Pindara. View our 2 minute video.

Neurosurgery & Neuroscience Unit

Pindara Private Hospital is one of the few hospitals in Australia with a specialised unit dedicated to neurosurgery. The Pindara unit, known as 3E, consists of a 25-bed ward supported by a four-bed close observation unit.

The significance and importance of this specialised unit lies in the complexity of the central nervous system and the special needs of patients who have had neurosurgery. A complication, should one arise during or after neurosurgery, can cause irreversible damage, which can significantly impact on the patient's future quality of life.

A successful outcome requires the services of a highly skilled and experienced neurosurgeon but, of equal importance, is expert post-operative care to minimise the risk of a post-operative complication occurring. Pindara's 3E is serviced by the four of the Gold Coast's leading Neurosurgeons; Doctors Leong Tan, Ellison Stephenson, and Chris Schwindack, and a team of specialised neurosurgery-trained nurses, who are setting new standards of excellence in clinical care for their patients.

Pindara is now proud to offer post graduate qualifications for nurses who wish to specialise in Neurosurgery. The Post Graduate Certificate in Neurosurgery is offered in partnership with the Australian Catholic University (ACU). For more information please contact Linda Clarke.

Pre-Admission Clinic

To help prepare neurosurgical admissions for their surgery, Pindara Private Hospital runs a pre-admission clinic. The clinic is conducted one day a week (Monday). A staff member from the clinic will phone to arrange a time to attend the clinic. Attendance at the pre-admission clinic means that admission on the day of surgery is possible.

Lumbar Surgery

For patients who require lumbar surgery the Pindara Neurosurgery team has compiled a small educational booklet. This booklet focuses on lumbar spinal neurosurgery (lumbar vertebrae (L1-L5) and sacral vertebrae (S1-S5)) and is designed to inform the patient about their surgery, and their post operative recovery.