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Booking Information

Booking In

Step 1:

It is important that you book into the maternity Hospital when you are around 14-15 weeks pregnant. This can be done using our online admission process. To complete our online registration you will require the following information:

  1. Personal/Next of Kin details
  2. Health fund name and membership number
  3. Medicare Card
  4. Expected Date of Delivery
If you have any concerns or difficulties completing the online admission form please call the Patient Service Centre on 1800 813 071 between 7.00am – 6.00pm Monday to Friday or email:
Step 2: Visit our Maternity Ward by taking a tour of our facilities – call 07 5588 9888 to book.
Step 3: To help prepare you for the birth of your child we recommend you attend our Antenatal Classes in our antenatal clinic

All patients will receive a letter confirming their admission form has been received and advising what out of pocket expenses to expect.

If you have any concerns prior to your admission, please do not hesitate to contact the hospital on 07 5588 9888.