Pindara Private Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care

Pindara Emergency Department

Emergency Department at Pindara Private

Patients can present themselves to our Emergency Centre 24 hours a day or alternatively in an emergency call 000 and ask to be taken to Pindara Emergency Centre for immediate assistance.

Call 07 5588 9000
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Accidents and emergency happen anywhere, anytime and when they do it is good to know after-hours Gold Coast emergency care is available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year through the Pindara Emergency Hospital.

The Pindara Emergency Hospital is modern medical facility, run by highly experienced emergency staff who provide prompt and professional care. Emergency Services are supported by 24-hour radiology and pathology services.

We provide rapid emergency care and have access to a wide range of tests, specialists, and treatments. Whether you present by ambulance or private transportation, you will be assessed in a timely manner and your care will be prioritised according to the urgency of your presenting condition.

Fees and payment

  • As a private emergency centre, we are classed as an outpatient clinic and as such there are fees payable for service.
  • The out-of-pocket fee is $280 to $400 depending on the time of your presentation.
  • Private health insurance is not required for treatment in our department. If admission into hospital is required, options for your care will be discussed with you at the time
  • Please pay your account in full, our staff will process your claim to Medicare (for eligible patients).

South Coast Radiology

There will be no out-of-pocket charges (other than for MRIs) raised by South Coast Radiology to patients in the Pindara Emergency Department having Medicare eligible images undertaken.