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Ask the experts

Ask Our Obstetricians

How do I know what the right birth plan is for me?

How long do you push for?

What happens during the first trimester?

What happens during the second trimester?

What happens during the third trimester?

What are the best sleeping positions if I’m pregnant?

What can I do to prevent tears during birth?

When should I come into the hospital if I think I’m in labour?

How many time should i see my obstetrician?

When can I find out if i'm having a baby boy or a baby girl?

What is Braxton Hicks?

If I have twins will I have double the movement?

How much exercise should I be doing during pregnancy?

How much weight should I gain?

How often should my baby move?


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Ask Our Midwifes and Registered Nurses

How do the midwives work with my obstetrician?

What is the know my midwife program?

How long will I stay in Hospital after having my baby at Pindara?

What facilities are available at Pindara Private Hospital?

What is the benefit of a longer stay in hospital after giving birth?

What is the Deluxe Suite Package?

What can I expect when I'm in labour?

What care is provided in the special care nursery?

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