Pindara Private Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care

Everybody’s experience with cancer is unique. At Pindara Private Hospital, we believe in personalised care with a focus on your holistic physical and emotional wellbeing.

Multidisciplinary treatment planning

At Pindara Private Hospital, your care will be overseen by a team of cancer specialist with expertise across a range of healthcare disciplines. 


Cancer Care Navigation

At the heart of your multidisciplinary healthcare team sits your Cancer Care Navigator. Your Cancer Care Navigator is a specialised nurse with extensive experience in caring for people with cancer who will coordinate all aspects of your care during and after treatment.

Physical and emotional support

Keeping physically and emotionally well during and after your cancer treatment is vital for enhancing your recovery. Pindara Private Hospital offers a range of cancer wellness services – such as allied health programs and education – to help you feel physically and emotionally strong.