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Essential Information

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Coming In

We recommend you pack your bag in readiness for the birth of your baby by 34 weeks.

For You

  • Sleepwear and light weight dressing gown
  • Comfortable casual clothing for day wear
  • Comfortable foot wear
  • Own toiletries and box of tissues
  • Three packs of sanitary pads (maternity)
  • Maternity bras and one box of nursing pads
  • Health fund card, Medicare card
  • Enough money for incidentals
  • Pen
  • Any current medication
  • Consent forms (if you have not already returned these to your Obstetrician)

For Baby

  • Baby Clothes - we suggest 6 singlets and 6 outfits suitable for frequent nappy changes
  • An approved baby restraint already fitted to your vehicle prior to and ready for discharge
  • If intending to have your capsule professionally fitted, or hiring a baby capsule, remember to allow 3 – 4 weeks booking time.

We strongly advise you not to bring your valuables (for example jewellery or large sums of money) to hospital; however items can be lodged in the hospital safe.

It is important you come to Hospital immediately if any of the following occur:

If you think you are in labour i.e. have:

  • ruptured membranes or continuous leaking of fluid
  • regular contractions

Please contact the Pindara Midwives on 07 5588 9401 before presenting to the Hospital Reception for admission.

If you are 20 weeks pregnant or less and have any worries or concerns.

Contact your Obstetrician or present to the Pindara Accident & Emergency Department (if your Obstetrician is unavailable the doctor on call will review you).

If you are 20 weeks pregnant or later and have any worries or concerns.

Contact your Obstetrician. If they are not available contact the Maternity Unit on 07 5588 9401 before coming into hospital.

It is very important you contact the Maternity Unit immediately 07 5588 9401 (day or night) if any of the following occur:

  • Bright red bleeding
  • Premature labour i.e. prior to 37 weeks
  • Unusual or severe abdominal pain
  • Any concerns about baby’s movements

Antenatal Assessment

If you require an antenatal assessment in the Maternity Unit this assessment will incur a "Day Admission" charge.

When you arrive at Pindara, please park in the multi-story car park and proceed straight to the Maternity Unit.

If you arrive at night, the doors to the hospital will be locked for security purposes. Simply ring the doorbell for access to the hospital.

If you are in strong labour, your partner is welcome to park at the maternity entrance to the hospital & ask Maternity staff for code for accessing and then move the vehicle, at the earliest convenience, to avoid obstructing emergency vehicles.

Elective Caesarean

If you have elected and booked to have a Caesarean delivery; on the day of your operation, you need to arrive at the Hospital Main Reception Desk for admission 1½ hours prior to your booked theatre time. Please leave your luggage in your car until after your Caesarean.