Pindara Private Hospital
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Mazor X Stealth Edition

Robotic Guidance System for Spinal Surgery

Pindara Private Hospital has invested in the Mazor X Stealth Edition. This cutting-edge robotics technology was a first of its kind in Australia and is used by our highly-skilled surgeons to perform a range of spinal surgery procedures.

The Mazor X Stealth Edition technology uses navigation and a robotic guidance platform to assist surgeons during procedures and has the potential to make the process of placing implants more convenient, accurate and predictable.

The system allows surgeons to create a “surgical blueprint” of the patient prior to the case and plan the surgical procedure. During the surgery, a robotic arm is then able to precisely guide implants and instruments through the steps of the surgical procedure, while simultaneously using real-time imaging feedback to ensure the placement is being carried out to plan. The system may be used in both open and minimally invasive procedures.

The increased accuracy for implant placement can also help lessen the time of and exposure to radiation by reducing the need for additional X-rays during the surgery benefiting both the patient and the surgical team.