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Dr Laurence McEntee


Assistant Professor Laurence McEntee specialises in the comprehensive assessment and treatment of chronic low back pain and sciatica; chronic neck pain and associated radiculopathy, and the surgical management of lumbar and cervical degenerative disease. Asst Prof McEntee also specialises in anterior approaches to the spine, including total disc replacement. He practices minimally invasive posterior spinal fusion techniques, including the management of adult spinal deformity.

Asst Prof McEntee completed his medical degree at the University of Auckland in 2002 before training in orthopaedic surgery. After completing an accredited spinal surgery fellowship with Associate Professor Matthew Scott-Young, he commenced practice at Gold Coast Spine in 2012. As an Assist Prof at Bond University, he is actively involved in clinical research that aims to improve patient outcomes after spinal surgery.

Asst Prof McEntee is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, a member of the Australian Medical Association, Spine Society of Australia, North American Spine Society and the International Society for the Advancement of Spinal Surgery. He is also a certified independent medical examiner. Asst Prof McEntee accepts private patients as well as Department of Veteran Affairs Gold, White Card holders and patients involved in workers’ compensation claims.

Asst Prof Laurence McEntee’s areas of interest:

  • Anterior approaches to the spine
  • Total disc replacement
  • Minimally invasive posterior fusion
  • Adult spinal deformity.
Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon