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An extra taste of luxury for Pindara’s new mums

Jun 14, 2021

Pindara Private Hospital is proud to announce its partnership with Palazzo Versace Hotel has resumed - meaning Gold Coast mums can once again be treated to luxury after welcoming their baby into the world.

The Pindara Palazzo Platinum Package allows women, their partners and new baby to leave hospital and enjoy their postnatal care in a hospital-assimilated environment. However the nine-year partnership had to be paused during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pindara Private Hospital Chief Executive Officer Mark Page said he was thrilled to once again offer Gold Coast mums the option of staying in five-star luxury after giving birth.

“We are so pleased to recommence our partnership with Palazzo Versace and I have personally had so many Pindy mums ask me when we would be restarting this program, so it’s wonderful to finally be able to say the Platinum Package is back,” Mr Page said.

“This service is an extension of Pindara Private Hospital and is fully supported by our own highly qualified and experienced staff, so our new mums can rest assured that they will have access to a Pindara midwife or maternity nurse at Palazzo Versace throughout the day and evening,” he said.

Gold Coast mum Montana Stenner and her partner, Titans player Ash Taylor, are among the first couples to indulge in the Platinum Package in 2021, having just welcomed their second child, baby Hazel into the world on Monday 7th June.

“Hazel is going really well, she’s very relaxed. Our son Oscar is 18 months old and he’s pretty wild so hopefully she’s the chilled one,” Montana said with a laugh.

“This time around we chose to do the Palazzo Versace stay because I think it’s more relaxed than hospital. I was already pretty chilled from the beautiful vibe at Pindara but this is next level,” she said.

Marketing and Communications Manager Frances Scarle said she was thrilled to reignite the partnership with Pindara Private Hospital for the Palazzo Platinum Package.

“We look forward to welcoming mothers and their babies to Palazzo Versace for an opulent and tranquil stay as part of the transition between leaving Pindara Private Hospital and returning home,” Ms Scarle said.

“From the moment new parents enter the grand lobby, the Palazzo Versace team will be at their service to ensure this precious moment is combined with relaxation, luxurious amenities and the opportunity to enjoy the Versace lifestyle.”

Under the Platinum Package, once a woman is cleared by her doctor for discharge (on day three post delivery for natural birth or day four for a caesarean birth), she can be transferred to Palazzo Versace for a two-night stay, with her baby and partner in the same room.

Pindara maternity’s Nurse Unit Manager Johanna Stevenson said many new mums loved the option of enjoying a luxurious Deluxe Suite at Pindara before transferring to Palazzo Versace.

“For some mums, the choice of transferring to a luxurious hotel once they’re given the all clear from their doctors is something they love to embrace. Our maternity nurses are right there to help them from 7am - 930pm and if they need help during the night, they have a direct line to our Midwife in Charge,” Ms Stevenson said.

The Pindara Palazzo Platinum Package ranges between $300 - $600 for a two-night stay. For more information head to

An extra taste of luxury for Pindara’s new mums