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Pindara ENT Starts New Phase in Search for a cure for Spinal Injury
Jan 24, 2018
Dr Brent McMonagle, ENT specialist at Pindara Private Hospital has started work on the new phase of the Olfactory Cell Transplantation Project (OCT) – a study aimed at finding a cure for spinal injury and paralysis.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation treatment at The Southport Private Hospital
Jan 24, 2018
In any given year, more than one million Australians will suffer a crippling episode of depression, and approximately one third will be have a severe depressive illness that is ‘treatment resistant’, meaning their illness does not improve with a trial of at least one anti-depressant medication.

Alcohol and Mental Illness: The True Effects
Dec 21, 2017
When it comes to competitiveness, no other nation compares to Australia in its determination to outrank the rest of the world. Whilst this might be great for our sports athletes, it can be deadly for those in the community who suffer from alcohol misuse disorders.

New Birth Suites
Dec 15, 2017
Gold Coast mothers can now bring their babies into the world in luxury with the opening of Pindara Private Hospital’s two new birth suites.

Pindara Corporate Wellness Centre Executive Health Checks
Dec 01, 2017
Take care of your body…it’s the only place you have to live!
For nearly 50 years Pindara Private Hospital has provided outstanding private health services in Australia, and is now offering what may be regarded as the last piece in the puzzle in terms of creating the complete health service.

I Can See Clearly Now – Refractive Lens Exchange Surgery - Dr Darryl Gregor
Jul 05, 2017
The gift of sight can be easily taken for granted by those who do not have the daily need for glasses or contact lenses. Reading, driving, watching TV etc become difficult tasks, particularly if you lose your glasses or missed an order of contact lenses.

Pindara Plastic Surgeon’s Mercy Missions
Jun 28, 2017
Every year, Dr Dilip Gahankari and a team of dedicated volunteers, take medical care to the impoverished people of Melghat in India.

Our Pregnancy Journey – Melanie and Chris Wright
Jun 27, 2017
1. How did you feel when you found out you were pregnant? What was your first reaction?

It was a bit of a shock to be honest. My husband Chris and I had talked about having our first baby but we didn’t expect it to happen so soon. I had only just retired from competitive swimming. I remember driving home with the pregnancy test convincing myself that it would be negative and feeling a little disappointed. When it came up with the two lines I didn’t believe it at first. It took three tests to finally sink in. When I told Chris, I cried…I just felt so many emotions; shocked and scared but mostly excited and so grateful.

Humans of Pindara – Matters of the Heart - Dr Ben Hunt
Jun 15, 2017
I met Cardiologist Dr Ben Hunt in his office at The Cardiac Centre in the Pindara Specialist Suites. It’s a busy practice, even early in the morning, buzzing with admin staff coordinating comings and goings and patients waiting in anxious expectation - all of this creating a vaguely palpable mist of kinetic energy.

Expect the Unexpected – The Life of an Emergency Department Nurse
Jun 14, 2017
One of the busiest departments in any hospital is usually the Emergency Department (ED).